Cutesy Manifesto

Maybe I’m being picky, but when bloggers add “cutesy” things to their posts, it can be distracting and sometimes frustrating.  Sometimes it is a great idea to crack a joke or say something silly, but sometimes it gets in the way of the reader.  To avoid this problem on BIsmiths, I developed this manifesto:

The Golden Rule

Always remember that BIsmiths is all about the reader.  Every thing you add to a post must serve the purpose of delivering information to the reader.

The Good

Cutesy things are good when they:

  • Make the reader comfortable, e.g.:
    • break the ice in the beginning
    • lighten the mood throughout
    • smooth out transitions
  • Keep the reader from falling asleep
    • but do not treat the reader like an impatient child who has to be bribed with a piece of candy just to pay attention
  • Serve the overall purpose of providing information to the reader

The Bad

Cutesy things are bad when they:

  • Interrupt the flow of reading
  • Look like the author is just trying to show how clever he is
  • Take on their own purpose of just “being funny”
    • Being funny is good when it serves the overall purpose of helping deliver information to the reader
Clint Eastwood is not amused

The Beautiful

When in doubt, err on the side of less “cutesy.”  A beautiful post is worth reading, so you really don’t have to butter up the reader too much.  Be confident in your content and let it speak for itself.

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